Find a Bible study group that fits you & your needs!

We have a wide variety of Sunday morning Bible study groups that serve young adults, families, special needs individuals, and more. Browse the list and find one that works for you.

  • Young Adults Bible Study

    COMING SOON - This study is for young adults ages 18-25+ and is perfect if you’re fresh out of high school, a college student, or a young professional. Young married couples are welcome to join us as well! We meet in Room 102 on Sundays at 9:15am. This study is led by Ross and Natalie Jagers.

  • Adult Morning Bible Study

    Led by Dr. Mike Routt and Charles Hickmott, this study group is for established single adults, married couples with growing families, empty-nesters, and anyone in between! This group meets in the worship center on Sunday mornings at 9:15am.

  • Senior Adult Bible Study

    Led by Larry Akers, this study meets currently in Room 102 on Sunday’s at 9:15am and is geared toward senior adults 65+. If you’re looking for community with fellow senior adults, this is a great study group to join!

    Please note, this group will be merging with the Adult Bible Study group temporarily over the summer to make room for the new young adult Bible study group. Once we arrive in our new facility in August, this group will meet on its own again in its own room.

  • Special Needs Adult Bible Study

    If you or an adult you know has special needs, this Bible study group is specifically designed to minister to that. Nancy Putnam and Dianna Hensley lead this study group every Sunday, and they meet in the church office.